Modern Healthy Home

Modern Healthy Home

From a typical home of the 90’s to a modern healthy home with Gold Award winning Architectural flair

When you’re living in an older house that is in dire need of maintenance – what do you do ?

Sell and move on or think outside the square and bring it up to today’s healthy home standards whilst adding a new look using timeless materials and modern building techniques.

This home started life as one of two town houses built behind an existing home on a larger section, a very common thing to do back in the day.

This was the era of weatherboards and a plaster exterior.

A look that can be seen in many homes all over NZ built around the same time.

The house had held up well to the environment over the years but was looking tired and the exterior cladding on the front face of the home was in need of replacement.

In this case the owner was also the architect.

Many subtle changes were made along the way to maximise space and the ergonomics of the home making for a home better suited to the owners needs and aesthetic.

The result

A tastefully renovated home to accommodate the owners’ requirements of rejuvenating an outdated home into a modern healthy living space for years to come and regenerating the value within the property.

Gold Award Winning

We are proud to say that this home has won a Gold Award in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year 2022 Competition, in the Renovation up to $750,000 category, and is also a Top 100 finalist in the House of the Year Competition.

Before and after Photos