The Fire House

The Fire House

From its humble beginnings as a coastal Bach with numerous extensions and alterations over the years, this house was first presented to us as a burnt out shell left over from an unfortunate house fire.

The Architect owner’s brief was to rebuild the home over the existing floor area. However the existing foundations proved to be less than satisfactory, having been added to and altered over the years – the floor and foundation were not in any condition to re-use; out of level with sagging and broken timbers, the decision was made to upgrade the foundations to today’s standards, ready to accept new wall frames and a new modern roof design.

The resulting design and build have been achieved utilising the same floor area whilst improving on the layout and usable space.

The new roof made up of two differing degrees of rafters along with ply linings has modernised the home whilst allowing the view to be captured from both inside the living and bedrooms and from the expansive deck area to the eastern side.

The use of vertical cedar and profiled metal cladding complements the Joubert Gaboon ply soffit linings and ties itself to the kwila decking and stairs.

And of course, the entire house has been re-wired and re-plumbed throughout and insulated to today’s healthy home standards.

The once broken home now has a new lease on life for many more generations to enjoy, and the view from the new home tops off the experience.